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The Best Of You
The Legendary Taygetos Pyramid

The summit of Taygetos is called Profitis Ilias
(Prophet Elias). Its peak has a height of 2,407
meters and it is one of the biggest natural
pyramids in the world.

Mt Menalon

The mountain's highest point (1988 meters)
is named "ostrakina". The mountain houses
many forests of Greek fir and Crimean pine.

Climbing in Leonidio

One of the most popular climbing destinations
in Greece. Leonidio offers everything, from
crimpy routes, to overhanging tufa climbing
in all grade ranges

The forest of Vassiliki

Α small treasure for hiking lovers. In this
forest, which extends across approximately
2,750 acres, you will find mainly fir trees and
black pine, with some pines being almost 300
years old.

Rafting Lousios River

Louisos stretches from Karytaina
north to Dimitsana in Arcadia. The river is
treacherous and flows rapidly. It empties into the Alfeios
2.5kilometers northwest of Karytaina.
According to tradition, the river took its name
from Zeus, the father of the Olympian gods,
who according to Pausanias washed at its
sources after his birth.


SUP at some of the most beautiful coastlines
of the Peloponnese.

Mylokopi Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Greece,
Mylokopi is divided by a piece of land into 2
beaches, Mikri and Megali Mylokopi, equally
enchanting and heavenly.


In the shape of the Greek letter omega (Ω), its
sand forms a semicircular strip of dunes. On
the land-facing side of the strip of dunes is
Gialova Lagoon, an important bird habitat.
The beach has been named "A Place of Particular
Natural Beauty". It is part of a Natura 2000
protected area.


In Messinian Gulf

Feneos, Lake Doxa

Lake Doxa is an artificial lake in western
Corinthi. It is situated at an elevation of 900
m, in the municipal unit Feneos, near the
village Archaia Feneos.

Menalon Trail

The first certified trail in Greece by ERA serves
the most demanding nature lover around the
world. 75 km of nature and beauty are waiting
for you and your eco-friends to "spend" your
time and "earn" unforgettable moments from
the one of the most highly rated trails of Europe.

Mt Ziria

Mt Ziria is the highest mountain of Korinthia
and the second of Peloponnese, just behind
Taygetos. The Ziria massif divided into two
complexes the major Ziria and the little Ziria.
The two complexes surround the ravine


The Best Of You


A place of unexplored beauty and an ideal destination for all seasons


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Experience the authentic side of Peloponnese through live experiences!

Enjoy the local cuisine , the magical surroundings and learn about natural and historical locations.



City Break

Live an exciting weekend in the cities of Peloponnese.
There where the urban atmosphere meets the allure of a small town .

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