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A place of unexplored beauty and an ideal destination for all seasons


Due to Covid 19 there might be a change in the calendar dates


Experience the authentic side of Peloponnese through live experiences!

Enjoy the local cuisine , the magical surroundings and learn about natural and historical locations.

City Break

Live an exciting weekend in the cities of Peloponnese.
There where the urban atmosphere meets the allure of a small town .

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E4 European long distance path

The E-path starts at the Pyrenees of Spain, it crosses central Greece, and ends at Larnaka, Cyprus. The southern part of the path begins in Corinth and through Tripoli enters Laconia, crosses Parnon, Sparti and…


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Culture & Activities

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This little island at the southern edge of the Laconic Peninsula is a small paradise for visitors. Simos beach at the Sarakiniko Bay, is without a doubt one of the…


This fantastic traditional settlement of Mesa Mani was named after Amfianaktas’ son, the mythical hero Oitylos, and according to Homer it constituted part of Menelaus’ kingdom. It is a calm…
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