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Alagonia – The Potato Festival

Alagonia is a village in the municipality of Kalamata and is located on the western side of Mount Taygetos, at an altitude of 750 metres. This village has always been known for the quality of its potatoes, which are cultivated and produced in massive quantities in various fields on the mountain. This reputation contributed to the establishment of the annual Potato Festival, which takes place during the summer, aiming to promote this domestic product.

The Potato Festival takes place in the main square of the village and is organized by the Local Association and the Local Community of Alagonia, under the auspices of the municipality of Kalamata and the CC FARIS. Potatoes are, of course, in the spotlight, cooked in many different ways –some well known and some not so widely known- by the women of the village and offered to the attendees together with other delicacies. Various exhibitions take place along with the Festival, while there is also a bazaar where local merchants sell their products. Neither traditional music by a live band nor dancing are missing from the event, which is visited by many people every year.


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