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Archaeological Collection of Monemvasia

The Archaeological Collection of Monemvasia is housed in the old mosque at Elkomenos Christos Square. The museum was inaugurated in 1999 and aims to inform of the unknown parts of the public and private life of the inhabitants of the city. In the open-air exhibition area of the fortress town, visitor can see findings that were collected and excavated in the area of Monemvasia and that date back to the period of early Christianity up until the late Ottoman Occupation. The collection includes mostly architectural fragments of ancient temples, Byzantine and Frankish sculptures, marble fountains, coat of arms from the Frankish Rule as well as ceramic pots and other daily novelties giving visitors a clear and complete image of the history and the everyday life of the area.

Archaeological Collection of Monemvasia (in detail)

The Archaeological Collection of Monemvasia is located at Elkomenos Christos Square, inside the city’s old mosque. It is a historic building from the 16th century, that was renovated during the second Venetian Rule (1690-1713) and after the War of Independence it operated first as a prison and then as a coffee shop. Since its inaugurated in 1999, the museum aims to inform of the unknown parts of the public and private life of the inhabitants of the fortress town, from early Christianity until the Late Turkish Occupation.

In the open-air museum of Monemvasia, visitors can wander around the archaeological findings which were discovered during the excavations at the Frankish fortress of Monemvasia and denote not only the everyday life of the inhabitants, but also the commercial and artistic lifestyle of the time. Sculptures-the Frankish relief coats of arms with the lion of Venice on them- marble cisterns, fountains and gargoyles, ceramic objects and miniature art, as well as architectural portions of the temple of Agia Sophia in the Upper Town, marble veneers of temples, and various other exhibits give a holistic depiction of the public and private life of the inhabitants. The museum exhibits date back to the 6th until the 19th century A.D., and aside from the inscriptions they are also accompanied by bilingual explanatory texts. Entry into the museum is free.

Archaeological Collection of Monemvasia (00302732061403)

Monemvasia Fortress, Elkomenos Christos Square

Monday 12 pm-9 pm, Tuesday- Sunday, 8am-9pm

Free entrance


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