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The capital of the Municipality of Eastern Mani is a small town in the middle of Mesa Mani. The entire old fortifies settlement with the ambient alleys, the stone buildings, the imposing towers and the churches is characterized as a traditional settlement and it includes significant sights. You can cross the old town on foot through the picturesque stone paved alleys. Your first stop will be at Taxiarchis church with the characteristic bell tower, where on the 17th of March of 1821 the people of Mani took the oath of loyalty before beginning of the War of Independence in the rest of Greece. You should definitely visit the house of Stylianos Mavromichalis, the abandoned tower house of Kyriakoulis Mavromichalis, and Pikoulakis’ tower where today a byzantine museum is housed. Near Pikoulakis’ tower the church of Our Lady Georgianiki with the beautiful external reliefs is situated and the church of Saint John, with interesting icons of the 18th century.

At the Square of Athanati (square of the Immortals) the church of Saint Athanasios and at the square Niarchakos the double church of Our Lady and Saint Charalampos with the folk religious paintings of 1869 stand out. You should also visit the church of Saint Nicolaos with the very interesting dome in Tsalapianka, and high up in the hill at the settlement of Sotiras with its few houses and the towers, hanging like a balcony above the plain, providing a magnificent view of the landscape and the sea.

From Areopoli the road continues to the settlements of Mani that spreads into Messenia, and the Tower of Diros. This landmarked traditional settlement hosts the famous Diros caves but also the fantastic shores with the clear waters. On the way to the Tower, it would be a great idea to wander in the settlement of Charia to see the fortification complex and the Towers of Arapakis, and the picturesque settlement of Kalos.


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