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Artemisio is a village that lies in the heart of Arcadia, approximately 18 kilometres from Tripolis and between two major archaeological sites – ancient Mantineia and ancient Orchomenos. Pausanias, who passed through Artemisio during his tours of Arcadia, named it “the big village of Maira”.

Artemisio got its current name in 1960 from the homonymous mountain, at the foot of which it was built. In the past, it had the name Kakouri, which, according to one scenario, came from the words “kako orio” (evil limit). Supposedly to the north of the village there was a passage, where during the Greek Revolution, the Greek fighters were ambushing the Turks. According to another scenario, the name came from someone born in Arcadia, called Kakouris.

Today the village has about 650 permanent residents. Their main occupations are farming, agriculture and viticulture. Due to its proximity to the mountain, it is the perfect starting point for trekkers, hikers and nature lovers. To enter the village, visitors have to travel along a beautiful road, approximately two kilometres long, lined with elms. The village has a traditional guest house, a tavern, a handful of cafes, a lovely cobbled square, a cultural centre, a public library and a folk art museum.


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