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Between Argolis and Corinth, in the middle of eastern Corinth, the castle of Agionori is located. The Franks built it during the later Byzantine period, and that led to the creation of a settlement that shares the same name. The small castle was a significant stop on the way from Corinth to Argolis, since the shortest road that connected the two prefectures of today passes from that spot. It also provided a magnificent field of vision The inhabitants of the village Agionori communicated with the castle of Acrocorinth, the castle of Larisa in Argos but also with the Armenokastro of Kapareli in Argolida. In order to Agionori from Corinth, we take the peripheral road of Corinth and pass through on the villages of Chiliomodi and Klenia. To get to Agionori from Argos, we take the peripheral road Argos- Chiliomodi, passing though Neo Ireo and Prosymni. The castle stands at 680 m above sea level appears ahead of us.

The prevailing opinion concerning the castle’s name is the one referring to the settlement of monks from Mount Athos during the 11th century. This opinion explains both the name of the castle Agionori (=holy mountain) and the existence of many churches around it; Saint George, Saint Stephen, Saint Marcus, Saint John the Precursor, and Saint John the Theologian and of course Our Lady, scatter blessing memories. Of these churches, only the churches of Saint Anargyroi and Saint Athanasius have been restored.

In its complete form it consisted of 5 towers of different size connected to each other with a wall. The entrance is located on the northern side of the building and there you can see the small monastery of Saint Anargyroi. Today, only two of the five are preserved, they are three-stories high and their walls have a slight slope towards the interior, towards the yard of the castle. For its construction squared stones and strong whitewash were used.

The castle of Agionori is directly related to one of the most glorious battles of the Greek War of Independence; the Battle of Dervenakia. It was here, on the second day of the battle of Dervenakia that Dramalis’ army was completed decimated. On his way back to Corinth, he was attacked by 1000 Greeks, who finished what Theodore Kolokotronis had started one day earlier. Climb up to the castle, find Acrocorinth and the stragegic battlefield will unfold before your eyes.


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