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Erymanthos River

If you want to paddle on the wild side, then you can ride Erymanthos River. It’s an affluent of Alfios River that’s full of difficult rapids with clear waters that…

Kavo Malia Climbing Park

If you want to climb with a view of the deep blue, then the Kavo Malia Climbing Park (also known as Zombolo) will give you an unforgettable experience. It’s full of…

Spartan Black Olives

These black olives are made from the variety of Korakolies, which are harvested at a mature stage and placed in pure water for the bitter taste to be removed. Then, they…

Peloponnesian Myzithra

Myzithra is a typical cheese of the region and it’s produced from sheep and goat milk. You can find it in all areas of the peninsula, in many variations. It usually…

Lithovouni Garlic

The garlic that the land of Lithovouni produces smells so great that you might be tempted to eat some of its cloves raw. The taste is so delicate and proper, which adds an…

Peloponnese Events

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