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Ancient Theater of Sikyon

When Pausanias visited the city in the 2nd century A.D., the city consisted of beautiful buildings, and following his steps, it is believed that the theater was at the foot…

Ancient theater of Sparta

White stone, well worth seeing” The Ancient Theater of Sparta is located at the southwest side of the Acropolis hill, under the Sanctuary of Athena, and is the most impressive monument…

Ancient theatre of Megalopoli

The ancient theatre of Megalopoli is situated within the archaeological site of Megali Polis (“Great City”), one of the most splendid, but unfortunately short-lived, cities of Arcadia. It was the…

Ancient Orchomenos – Arcadia

Near the village of Levidi, in Arcadia, lies the ancient city of Orchomenos, which was one of the oldest, largest and most significant cities in the area in antiquity. It…

The Theater of Epidaurus

The Ancient Theater of Epidaurus is famous for its exceptional acoustics, its absolute symmetry and the way it “sits” in the landscape. It is considered as the biggest and most…

Little Theatre of Epidaurus

The little theater of ancient Epidaurus is situated in the picturesque landscape of the peninsula Nesi and adorns the town of Epidaurus. It was built in the 4th century B.C.,…

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