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Ancient Stadium of Nemea

The Ancient Stadium of Nemea was constructed 400 m. southeast of the temple of Zeus in Nemea and had a sitting capacity for 40.000 visitors. The American School of Classical…

The Palace of Nestor

Fourteen kilometres from Pylos, on the hill of Epano Eglianos, in the previous century came to light the palace of Nestor, the famous king of Pylos. It is the best-preserved…

Ancient Messene

Ancient Messene is situated in the western foothills of mountain Ithomi, near the village called today Mavromati. A large part of the city has come to light, which reveals its…

Peristeria hill – Tholos Tombs

The imposing hill of Peristeria is located in northern Messinia, a short distance from the village of Myro and right alongside the southern shores of River Kyparissienta. The hill is…

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