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Kardamyli is a historic coastal village of Messinian Mani, located about 35 kilometers southeast of Kalamata. The well equipped bastions and the tower houses of the famous rebellious families of…


Lagkada is a picturesque village in Messinian Mani, on the way from Kardamyli to Oitylo, that has been declared listed, having managed to preserve its morphological and architectural style intact.…


Petalidi is built in the location of the Homeric town of Aipeia, in the heart of the Messinian Gulf, at a distance of a merely few kilometres from Kalamata. It…


Filiatra is a small town in the southwest of the prefecture of Messinia, between Kyparissia and Gargalianoi, in an area filled with cultivated fields. It flourished in the late 19th…

Archaeological Museum of Mystras

In the eastern wing of St. Dimitrios Cathedral in Mystras operates a museum with significant byzantine exhibits. The collection which was officially founded in 1951, consists of small objects discovered…

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