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Evrotas Delta

In the innermost place of the Laconian gulf, the Evrotas delta is of one of the last significant wetlands in southern Greece. The site is included in the European Natura…


Elafonisos is famous for its exotic sand beaches, turquoise sea waters and cedar forest. It is one of the most impressive locations in Laconia. Apart from its rare beauty it…

Marina of Gerakas

Gerakas’ port shapes into a fiord of unique beauty, near the town bearing the same name. It is 33 km from Kyparissi and 22 km from Monamvasia and provides a…

Marina of Gerolimenas

It is one of the most beautiful coastal and traditional villages of Laconia. The port of Gerolimenas, used to be a very significant fishing boat shelter with many facilities providing…

Marina of Gytheio

The marina of Gytheio is located between Vasileos Pavlou Street and the provincial road that connects Gytheio to Mysini. It has a maximum draught of 6 meters, a muddy bottom…

Marina of Elia

The picturesque fishing village of Elia in Molai has been transformed into a very popular touristic attraction. It has a small port which is a fishing boat shelter and a…

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