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Kardamyli is a historic coastal village of Messinian Mani, located about 35 kilometers southeast of Kalamata. The well equipped bastions and the tower houses of the famous rebellious families of…


Lagkada is a picturesque village in Messinian Mani, on the way from Kardamyli to Oitylo, that has been declared listed, having managed to preserve its morphological and architectural style intact.…


At the southern edge of the peninsula of Mani stands imposing the settlement of Vatheia, with its densely-fortified tower houses. It is built in a wild and imposing landscape…


This fantastic traditional settlement of Mesa Mani was named after Amfianaktas’ son, the mythical hero Oitylos, and according to Homer it constituted part of Menelaus’ kingdom. It is a calm…

Cape Tenaro

Where Mani and the mainland Greece end, there at the most southern edge of Europe and Balkan Peninsula you can find Cape Tenaro. The ancient Greeks believed that this place…

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