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Mougosto Aesthetic Forest

Mougosto forest extends behind the vineyards of Souli village, on the way to the mountain villages of the municipality of Sikyonion (Kiato and Pheneos). A few kilometers farther up, is…

Ziria Athletic Centre

On the northwestern side of Killini Mountain, in the plateau between its two mountain tops, is Ziria Athletic Centre. The center is located exactly where Little Ziria (2.080 m) and…

Routes: Zireia

Ziria, the second highest mountain of Peloponnese, is located at the northern part of Peloponnese and its mountaintops form the shape of a horse-shoe: the western part includes the tallest…

Upland Korinthia

In order for the visitor to reach the Stymphalia and Feneos region, getting out of the National Road Corinth – Patrai exit to Kiato, he follows a south direction and…

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