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Kalamata Olives PDO

These tiny olives are the ambassadors of Messenia and they are considered to be the world's best. They are handpicked during harvest and this is why they preserve the top quality…

Giosa, the queen of summer

The delicious and fragrant giosa, (meaning an old goat) is waiting for visitors during summer at the “giosa-places” of the Argolic Prefecture and especially the ones at the Municipality of…


Try fragrant, homemade goges with soft cheese topped with butter. It will make your visit in the area unforgettable. When you stop at one of the taverns in Argolis, you…

Suckling Pig from Fichtia

The village Fichtia, next to the famous Mycenae, and within short distance from the grandeur of Atreides, is said to serve the most delicious, mouth-watering suckling pig! Come to the…

The famous olive oil of Lygourio

Come to Lygourio, Epidaurus and try the extra virgin olive oil, which has a protected designation of origin (PDO) and gives you good health and longevity. When you visit Lygourio in…

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