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Taygetus Rosemary

There are many spots on Mount Taygetus that captivate you with the refreshing aroma of rosemary. It’s supposed to reinforce mental function and it definitely reinforces any meat recipe and…

Spartan Black Olives

These black olives are made from the variety of Korakolies, which are harvested at a mature stage and placed in pure water for the bitter taste to be removed. Then, they…

Megaritiki Olive

The Megaritiki olive comes in two versions, green and black, and it’s produced in many ways. You can taste these olives in salt, in vinegar, and sun dried, which means that…

Corinthian Sideritis

If you are in the Peloponnese, you should taste the Sideritis wine that the fertile soil of Corinth produces. It has a sweet peachy taste and a very appetizing acidity.

Corinthian Lagorthi

The Lagorthi is a rare selection of wine from the vineyards of the northern parts of the Peloponnese. It’s light in body, very rich in fruits, and it has a…

Argolida Rokaniaris and Sklavos

The Rokaniaris and Sklavos wine varieties are exclusively produced in Argolida and they are all yours to discover. Rokaniaris is made of citrus fruits, whereas Sklavos is made of herbs. Both…

Messenian Tsipouro

Τhe tsipouro of Messenia is a distilled spirit that’s very popular in Greece and it has a very rich taste. It’s so delicious that it will immediately put you in…

Xenia Ouzo

There’s a special kind of ouzo that’s produced in Kalamata and it makes quiet a difference comparing to the rest. It’s contains a different type of anise, which has a…

Nemean Wines PDO

Almost everybody knows that Nemea is the greatest grapevine zone of Greece and many consider it to be Southeast Europe’s equivalent of Bordeaux. The most popular grape that’s cultivated is the…

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