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Archaeological Museum of Sparta

The first Greek museum in the province was built 1874-1876 by the architect G. Katsaros and it was based on an initial collection of 288 exhibits, collected by the archeologist…

Archaeological Museum of Messene

The Archaeological Museum of Messene was inaugurated in March 2000 in Mavromati, a village in Ithomi, with the purpose of housing all the findings brought to light by the archaeological…

Archaeological Museum of Pylos

The Archaeological Museum of Pylos was built in 1956 with a donation by dentist Christos Antonopoulos; for that reason it is officially known as Antonopoulio. The Museum was initially created…

Municipal Conservatory of Kalamata

The Municipal Conservatory of Kalamata opened in 1985 and is housed in a beautiful, traditional 19th century building, south of the city’s castle. Its premises, which are fully equipped in…

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