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Monemvassia Prickly Pears

You can actually have a taste of Greek summer in the fig fields of Monemvassia that are full of this delicious fruit. If you peel them carefully and put them…

Laconian Wild Asparagus

An unusual kind of wild asparagus is served in Monemvassia. These wonderful plants are at their best in February and it’s then that you can even eat them raw or, if you’re…

Archaeological Museum of Sparta

The first Greek museum in the province was built 1874-1876 by the architect G. Katsaros and it was based on an initial collection of 288 exhibits, collected by the archeologist…


The fortress town of Monemvasia is considered one of the best tourist destinations in the world and it is suitable for romantic tours at the rich byzantine sights of the…

Archaeological Museum of Mystras

In the eastern wing of St. Dimitrios Cathedral in Mystras operates a museum with significant byzantine exhibits. The collection which was officially founded in 1951, consists of small objects discovered…

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