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Archaeological Museum of Sparta

The first Greek museum in the province was built 1874-1876 by the architect G. Katsaros and it was based on an initial collection of 288 exhibits, collected by the archeologist…

Archaeological Museum of Messene

The Archaeological Museum of Messene was inaugurated in March 2000 in Mavromati, a village in Ithomi, with the purpose of housing all the findings brought to light by the archaeological…

Archaeological Museum of Mystras

In the eastern wing of St. Dimitrios Cathedral in Mystras operates a museum with significant byzantine exhibits. The collection which was officially founded in 1951, consists of small objects discovered…

Archaeological Museum of Isthmia

The Archaeological Museum of Isthmia was built from 1970-1978, and includes a collection of findings from the archeological site of Isthmia and from the ancient port of Kechrees. The most…

Archaeologial Museum of Corinth

Corinth was a long and rich history that can be explored when visiting the Archaeological Museum of Corinth. Here you can find exhibits brought to light by archaeologists showcasing the…

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