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Pylos Lagoon (Divari)

The wetland between the settlement of Gialova and the bay of Voidokilia, which has been declared as an archaeological site, spreads over 6,000 acres of land and is known as…

Evrotas Delta

In the innermost place of the Laconian gulf, the Evrotas delta is of one of the last significant wetlands in southern Greece. The site is included in the European Natura…


Elafonisos is famous for its exotic sand beaches, turquoise sea waters and cedar forest. It is one of the most impressive locations in Laconia. Apart from its rare beauty it…

Natura – Monemvasia area

The area of Monemvasia, along with the surrounding mountains and the coastline with its steep rocky shores, offer a large variety of habitats integrated in the Natura network. On the…

Lagkada Trypis

The picturesque settlement of Trypi is located at an elevation of 650 meters above sea level, at the entrance of the Megali Lagkada gorge, that forms a natural boundary between…

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