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Dolines at Didyma

Dolines at Didyma village are a rare geological phenomenon intriguing specialists. These special sinkholes were created by natural processes of erosion. Stone tools that date back to the Late Neolithic…


Schiza is the biggest island in the Oinousses cluster, with an area of 12 square kilometres. Historically, it was known as Kamprera or Kavrera, and it appears to have been…

Evrotas Delta

In the innermost place of the Laconian gulf, the Evrotas delta is of one of the last significant wetlands in southern Greece. The site is included in the European Natura…


Elafonisos is famous for its exotic sand beaches, turquoise sea waters and cedar forest. It is one of the most impressive locations in Laconia. Apart from its rare beauty…

East Laconia Mountains

The area of east Laconia is a permanent wild life shelter integrated in the NATURA network as a special protection area. The area is 357.000 acres of which 30.000 are…

Mougosto Aesthetic Forest

Mougosto forest extends behind the vineyards of Souli village, on the way to the mountain villages of the municipality of Sikyonion (Kiato and Pheneos). A few kilometers farther up, is…

Pefkias Aesthetic Forest

Pefkias Aesthetic Forest is located in the municipality of Xylokastro-Evrostini and it expands into Sykia village and the town of Xylokastro. It is a narrow strip of natural pinewood (1760…

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