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National path Ε32

The national path Ε32 begins at Vytina, crosses the gorge of Loussios, the mountains of Arcadia and the slopes of mount Taygetus and ends in the town of Gytheio or…

Lagkada Trypis

The picturesque settlement of Trypi is located at an elevation of 650 meters above sea level, at the entrance of the Megali Lagkada gorge, that forms a natural boundary between…

Vassiliki Forest

The forest of Vassiliki is located at the southern part of the Taygetus mountain range, 8 km south of its summit, and has an expanse of approximately 11,000 stremmata. It…

Gialova lagoon

Gialova lagoon is located in Messinia and is one of the most important wetlands not only in Greece, but also in Europe. It probably dates to prehistoric times and owes…

Lake Taka

Lake Taka is situated approximately 10 kilometres from Tripolis and is one of the most important wetlands of the wider Arcadian region, as well as of the Peloponnese. The area…

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