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River Lousios and its Gorge

Lousios is a Peloponnesian river and a tributary of Alfeios. It is a relatively small river, approximately 25 kilometres long. However the landscape that surrounds it on its both banks…

The Wetland of Moustos

The wetland of Moustos is located approximately 2 kilometres south of Astros, just before the villages of Leonidio and Tyros. This is a natural setting of exceptional beauty and enormous…

The Gorge of Lepida

The gorge of Lepida is one of the numerous, impressive natural formations of Mount Parnon, which stands between the prefectures of Arcadia and Laconia. Its length is 500 metres and…

The Gorges of Mount Parnon

Parnon is the biggest mountain range in the Peloponnese and boasts truly incredible natural beauty. The wealth of flora and fauna -including the so-called juniperus drupacea, a cedar species unique…

Mount Mainalo

Mount Mainalo is situated in the heart of the Peloponnese and dominates almost the entire northern part of Arcadia. It has played a substantial role in the Arcadian history since…

Ververonda lagoon

Ververonda lagoon was formed after the 2nd century A. D. and had kept its lagoon like characteristic until the mid-20th century when the construction of two artificial channels permitted the…

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