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Leonidio Climbing Park

If you are a passionate climber, then you have to experience the striking red rock, which stands tall in Arcadia. Leonidio is considered to be the “it” place for rock climbing in…

Erymanthos River

If you want to paddle on the wild side, then you can ride Erymanthos River. It’s an affluent of Alfios River that’s full of difficult rapids with clear waters that…

Kavo Malia Climbing Park

If you want to climb with a view of the deep blue, then the Kavo Malia Climbing Park (also known as Zombolo) will give you an unforgettable experience. It’s full of…

Gialova lagoon

Gialova lagoon is located in Messinia and is one of the most important wetlands not only in Greece, but also in Europe. It probably dates to prehistoric times and owes…

Pylos Lagoon (Divari)

The wetland between the settlement of Gialova and the bay of Voidokilia, which has been declared as an archaeological site, spreads over 6,000 acres of land and is known as…

The Cave of Vatsinidis

Near the village of Proastio in Mani, we stumble upon one of the most impressive caves in the region, which is known as “Katafyggi Vatsinidi”, and has a total area…

The Cave of Nestor

Nestor was the famous king of Pylos and one of the best known heroes of the Homeric epics. His name is inextricably linked to Pylos, and the findings that have…

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