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Marina of Monemvasia

The Monemvasia marina is located at Gefyra on the coastal road that links Monemvasia to Neapoli, on the left side of the port. Here, you’ll find touristic cruisers but also…

Marina of Neapoli

The central port of Neapoli is located at Voion Avenue, at the center of the city and is connected by boat to Kithira and Elafonisos. It has chutes and marina…

Marina of Plytra

The port of Plytra is an ideal anchoring location for cruisers of every kind and it is only two kilometers from the settlement. It used to be a port stop…

Marina of Porto Kayio

It is a port with natural pebble and crystal clear waters. It is sheltered and hosts many sailing boats. It also has an organized beach area.

East Laconia Mountains

The area of east Laconia is a permanent wild life shelter integrated in the NATURA network as a special protection area. The area is 357.000 acres of which 30.000 are…

Cave Agios Andreas of Kastania

The cave Agios Andreas of Kastania is located half an hour from the town of Neapoli, towards cape Maleas. The three million years old cave was discovered by accident in…

Diros Cave, Alepotripa

A few meters above the beach of Diros, lays the prehistoric cave of Alepotripa. It is a very significant cave as it dates back to the Neolithic age. A hunter discovered…

The Glyfada Cave at Diros

Just south of Aeropolis, at Diros bay, is the Glyfada cave (or Vlychada cave). It offers visitors a spectacular beauty hidden in the depths of the earth. It is…

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