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The “traditional” spa town of the Corinthian Prefecture is located at the edge of the Corinthian Gulf, along a 4km long beach. It is one of the most popular touristic…

Loutraki Thermal Spa

When you are seeking rejuvenation of the body and the soul, the only choice is the method of hydrotherapy at Loutraki Thermal Spa, in the city of Loutraki. Ancient “Thermes” was…

The Castle of Methoni

The castle of Methoni, one of the most typical castle town examples in Greece, stands imposingly on the southwestern part of the Peloponnese. Right next to it is the small…

War Museum of Nafplion

The War Museum of Nafplion constitutes a branch of the War Museum of Athens, it was inaugurated in 1988 and it is housed in the historical stone building on Amalias…


South of the Corinthian Gulf, is one of the most beautiful towns, Xylokastro. It was probably named after a wooden barracks (Xylokastro= wooden castle) located at the west side of…

Saint Gerasimos

The church of Saint Gerasimos Notaras is located at the southwest side of the town of Xylokastro. A marble inscription over the main entrance attests that the church was built…

Saint George, Zaholi

The church of Saint George, in the village of Zaholi, is one of the most significant churches of the prefecture of Corinth not only for its architecture but also for…

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