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Bourtzi is located at the entrance of the port of Nafplion, almost 450m far from the jetty and constitutes the city’s trademark. It is a Venetian tower complex that takes…

Residence of General D. Tsokris

Built in 1827, the two-floor manor of Demetrios Tsokris is one of the most beautiful and old neoclassical buildings of the city of Argos. The ground floor served as storehouse,…

The Pyramid of Hellinikon

The Pyramid of Hellinikon is located near the city of Argos, on an ancient road which once led from Argos to Tegea. The pyramid is preserved in good condition and…

Nafplion Art Gallery

The annex of the Naflpion National Art Gallery is housed in a listed old manor that dates back to the early 20th century designed by K.P.Chantzaras. Since 2004 and after…

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