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War Museum of Nafplion

The War Museum of Nafplion constitutes a branch of the War Museum of Athens, it was inaugurated in 1988 and it is housed in the historical stone building on Amalias…

Olive and Olive Oil Festival

Three days festival dedicated to the laconic olive oil and the edible olive, takes places every August in Sellasia of the Municipality of Sparta. In this festival various producers with…

St. Peter Feast

The most ancient city of Argos, celebrates gloriously its patron saint, St. Peter. The decorated and illuminated city welcomes you to the imposing church at its central square, but also…

The Ski Center in Mainalo

The Mainalo ski center is situated in the location Ostrakina of the homonymous mountain, approximately 30 kilometres from Tripolis and 162 kilometres from Athens. The roads and consequently the access…

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