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Saint Gerasimos

The church of Saint Gerasimos Notaras is located at the southwest side of the town of Xylokastro. A marble inscription over the main entrance attests that the church was built…

Saint George, Zaholi

The church of Saint George, in the village of Zaholi, is one of the most significant churches of the prefecture of Corinth not only for its architecture but also for…

Saint Paul, Corinth

The metropolitan church of Saint Paul, protector of the city, was built after the catastrophic earthquake of 1928 in Corinth. Paul the Apostle visited the city three times and his…

Saint Sophia

The church of Saint Sophia is located in Upper Town, in the quarters of Palaces. It was the main church of a large monastery, founded in 1365. The initials of…

Saint Sophia, Monemvasia

The church of Saint Sophia, built in the late 12th century in Upper Town of Monemvasia, is the most significant monument of the Castle. It is an octagonal church with…

Saints Theodore, Mystras

The church of Saints Theodore is the main church (Katholikon) of the monastery of Vrondohi, in Lower Town. It was built in the late 13th century (1920-1926) by the monk…

Church of Our Lady Peribleptos

It was the main church (Katholikon) of the monastery, dedicated to Our Lady. It was built in mid-14th century, probably by the first governor of Mystras, Manuel Kantakouzenos and his…

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