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Church of Our Lady Peribleptos

It was the main church (Katholikon) of the monastery, dedicated to Our Lady. It was built in mid-14th century, probably by the first governor of Mystras, Manuel Kantakouzenos and his…

Cistercian Monastery of Zaraka

East of the ancient site of Stymphalos, next to the main road, stands the bulk of a tower-shaped pillar, part from the Monastery of Cistercian Monks of Zaraka. Next to…

Saint George, Geraki

It was originally a two-aisled church dating back to the 11th century. It underwent many transformations during the Rule of the Franks, such as the addition of a third nave…

Holy Monastery of Lechova

The imposing stone entrance gate of the monastery lies at the foothill of mount Vesiza, at an elevation of 1050 meters, four kilometers from Kryoneri village in the municipality of…

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