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Archaeological Museum of Nemea

The Archaeological Museum of Nemea was founded as a result of the excavations that were conducted in the area by the University Berkeley of California and mainly to the generosity…

Archaeological Museum of Sikyona

Going up the Vasilikos (Sikyona) plateau, the Byzantine church of Agia Triada, built in the 12th century, welcomes the visitor to the village. Continuing the journey west bound, leads to…

The Castle of Geraki

In 1209, the French baron, Guy de Nivelet, built on the rock of the ancient Mycenaean city of Geronthi, the castle of the village Geraki, in order to be able…

The Castle of Kelefas

Built in 1670, by Ottoman command, this imposing castle occupies a southeast area of Oitilo. Its location oversees all of Lylolagkado and visual contact with the perches of the neighboring…

The Castle of Monemvasia

Built on a rock accessible only through a causeway, the castle of Monemvasia was populated around the 6th century A.D. by the Laconians, in order to protect themselves from the…

Castle of Agionori

Between Argolis and Corinth, in the middle of eastern Corinth, the castle of Agionori is located. The Franks built it during the later Byzantine period, and that led to the…

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