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At the southern edge of the peninsula of Mani stands imposing the settlement of Vatheia, with its densely-fortified tower houses. It is built in a wild and imposing landscape at…


The port town of Sparta is a picturesque seaside town with many neoclassical buildings, narrow steep alleys and stairs and the typical island character. The beautiful port, with its fish…


This fantastic traditional settlement of Mesa Mani was named after Amfianaktas’ son, the mythical hero Oitylos, and according to Homer it constituted part of Menelaus’ kingdom. It is a calm…


Picturesque and historic Karytaina is located a few kilometres south of Stemnitsa and is one of the more impressive, well preserved and listed settlements in Arcadia. Crowned by an imposing…


Kastanitsa is a lovely mountain village in Kynouria, built at an altitude of 840 metres in the heart of Mount Parnon. Due to its exceptional beauty, it has been declared…


Stemnitsa is one of the most beautiful and historical villages in the prefecture of Arcadia, and is located between Dimitsana and Karytaina. The village is built onto the slopes of…

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