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Cave Agios Andreas of Kastania

The cave Agios Andreas of Kastania is located half an hour from the town of Neapoli, towards cape Maleas. The three million years old cave was discovered by accident in 1956. The rare characteristics of its inlay create a large spectrum of colors and impressive formations. The 18 chambers of the cave have acquired descriptive names from the different formations of the stalagmites; mushrooms, cactus, firs, water lilies, chocolates. The cave is 1.500 square meters and it is divided in two parts. The tour lasts half an hour and follows a circular 500 meters path. The “Chamber of Water” with the water basin in its interior, the transparent “Alabaster Chamber” and the “Extended Balcony Chamber” overviewing all the chambers, are three of the most impressive chambers.

It is one of the most impressive caves in Greece. It is located on the east slopes of mount Parnon, towards the Cape Maleas. It is only a half hour drive from Neapoli. Here you will have the possibility to wander in a three million years old cave with rich stone decoration characterized by a large spectrum of colors, and impressive formations. The cave was discovered by accident in 1956, when a local shepherd opened an incision in the ground in an effort to find water. The exploitation of the cave began a few years later by the initiative of the municipality of Kastania. Today the cave belongs to the municipality of Voies.

The lithomatic decoration of Kastania cave consists of calcium carbonate crystals. It was formed in Jurassic age limestone (145 to 195 million years) from Tripoli area, after a period of geological perturbations succeeded by an active period of water dripping and chemical sediment creation. These characteristics create numerous and rare geological formations placing the cave second in its class in all of Europe.

Kastania cave is 30m deep and has a total extension of 1.500 m². It is divided in two levels. The tour lasts half an hour and follows an accessible, circular route of 500m. During the tour, you can visit the 18 chambers that have acquired descriptive names from the rich colors and the different formations of the stalagmites.

The “First Chamber” of the cave is followed by the “Red Chamber’ and the “Chamber of Water”. This last chamber consists of a large room decorated with enormous stalagmites and huge columns. It was named after the small water basin located in it. It was thanks to this chamber that the cave was discovered. Then you will pass the “Mushroom Chamber”, you will admire the “Royal staircase” with the stalagmites forming cactuses, and then you will enter the “Fir Chamber”. After the alabaster “Water Lilly Staircase”, you will wander into the “Candle Chamber” that evolves in two compartments; the “Chocolate Chamber” with the enormous “chocolate” column in the center, and the special, white, “Alabaster Chamber”. The “Meandering Corridor” leads to the “Extended Balcony” from where you can admire the beauty of all the chambers.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 10.00 – 16.00 Tel.: 27340-23623 και 693-2371991.


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