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Church of Agioi Apostoli – Kalamata

The church of Aghii Apostoli stands imposingly at the northern side of the historical 23 Martiou square, in Kalamata. It is a Byzantine church, built between the 11th and the 12th century, small, but of great historical significance because here, according to tradition, the Greek Revolution was declared, on March 23d, 1821.

It is evident that the church of Aghii Apostoli went through two building phases, the first during the 18th century and the second during the Venetian Rule, when today’s main church was added. Today the church comprises the older, eastern part, which was the Holy Bema, and the newer, western part, which constitutes the main church. The earthquake of 1986 resulted in the main church collapsing. Fortunately the restoration works didn’t take too long to begin, and so this significant monument of Greek religious and historical tradition was preserved.


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