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This church is situated in Middle Town, on the paved path that leads from the Metropolis to the monastery of Vrondohi. It was founded between 1390 and 1410 and has the form of a domed two columned cross-in-square church. It is the smallest of its kind in Mystras. Its form was influenced by the nearby larger church of Our Lady Hodegetria. In the interior, the church is decorated with a built-in iconostasis, while the exterior walls contain engravings indicating the name “Frantzis”. The Royal Door of the altar is influenced by western art, similar to Venetian cathedrals located in Crete.

The church has rich sculptural décor with column capitals adorned with plant motifs. The scarce traces of wall frescos on the cupola and the altar do not provide indication as to how the church was painted. The style, though, dates back to the early 15th century. The church contains a loft (gynaeconites) spanning over the narthex reserved for women attending the service, not typical for this style of byzantine church.


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