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The church of Saint Spiridonas was built in 1702 and the expenses were bared by the brotherhood of the Greek Orthodox of Nafplio. The basilica has been connected to a tragic event of the recent Greek history. It was here that on September 27th, 1831 the first governor of Greece, I. Kapodostrias was murdered. The bullet that can be seen in a walled glass case at the entrance testifies the murder.

Over Syntagma (Constitution) Square, in a picturesque alley stands the church of Saint Spiridon, a legendary church marked by one of the most tragic moments in the recent Greek history. At the entrance of the metropolis, at the time, on September 27th 1831, the first governor of Greece, I.Kapodistrias was murdered by Konstantinos and George Mavromichalis while he was going to the office. This dramatic event is testified by a built-in plate at the entrance of the church, and by the glass case next to it containing the bullet that put an end to the life of the governor.

The brotherhood of the Greek orthodox of Nafplio bore the expenses of the church built in 1702. The year of its construction is mentioned in an inscription written with iambic verse on the east side of the church. On the same plate it is mentioned that the church was built following the demolition of the old one. According to sources, in 1966 located there was a church that suffered damages during the war. The hagiography of the church was completed thanks to a donation made by a citizen of Nafplio in 1902. On the left icon stand there is an icon of Saint Barbara, who is said to have helped the people of Nafplion in 1928 when the plague hit the town.


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