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Court/ Town Hall

An exceptional neoclassical 19th century building stands on the central square of the town of Argos. The building serves as that Town Hall since 1987, but in the past has served various purposes. A very impressive baroque staircase leads to the upper floor where visitors can admire magnificent statues and the decorative basins.

In the heart of the city of Argos, opposite Agios Petros square, stands the imposing town hall. The two floor edifice, built in 1830 by the then Governor I. Kapodistrias, is one of the most beautiful neoclassical buildings in the town.

Magnificent byzantine tiles cover the roof sustained by a parapet. Two large clay statues on both sides and intermediary decorative basins complete the impressive roof image. A cast iron rail runs upwards on the large external staircase to end at a baroque style stair top.

The building housed the Court and the Council of Elders and the ground floor served as a prison for some time. During the Italian occupation the building was commandeered by the Italian Command. Since 1987 it houses the town hall.


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