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Dolines at Didyma village are a rare geological phenomenon intriguing specialists. These special sinkholes were created by natural processes of erosion. Stone tools that date back to the Late Neolithic Age, found in one of the sinkholes, attest their use as shelters since the prehistoric age. Two cave churches, Saint George and Jesus Transfiguration, are built under the cliff of one the doline walls.

Two strange and imposing craters, the Dolines, can be seen a few kilometers before the picturesque village of Didyma with its fertile fields of wild tulips. This rare geological phenomenon was caused by a fallen meteorite or by a ground subsidence.

The ground on the northwest side of the cavity in the large Doline situated on the hillside, forms an amphitheater. The cave was inhabited since the prehistoric age, as illustrated by the discovery of stone tools.

The second, smaller Doline presents a great interest due to the numerous erosions marked on the ground. Access to the interior of the cave is possible through a cavity dug in the ground and a carved staircase leading to the rock. Two byzantine country churches are built under the cliff surrounded by a plethora of wild vegetation; the church of Saint George with its 13th century murals and the church of Jesus Transfiguration.


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