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The evergreen landscape and the deep blue of Plaka beach, gives a special character to Drepano, an inviting village that promises precious moments of relaxation by the beach. Take the time to visit the nearby beaches of Vivari and Agios Nikolas (kondyli).

Within walking distance from Nafplion is the picturesque and idyllic Drepano, built on a small hill with small and aromatic alleys which gives you the impression that you are on an island. As you approach the village, the aromas of the mandarin entangles with the sea breeze enchanting you and pull you towards it. Taverns, squares, modern hotels and campgrounds satisfy any preference.

The pride of the village is the famous beach “Plakas” which is one of the most famous in the region. Its splendid fine sand, clear blue warm waters and great length incites you to enjoy unique moments of relaxation. Next to the beach chairs, on the sand there are bars, quaint taverns, campsites and hotels generously offer you entertainment and relaxation. Also, the central square smells of mouthwatering local meats and fresh fish from tavernas inviting you to a culinary journey until dawn.

Apart from Plaka, neighboring crystal beaches offer you many choices. Within walking distance from the Drepanou Lagoon, Vivari beach invites you for a dip next to its taverns. If you prefer the deepest seas, then the most ideal destination is the beach of Agios Nikolaos (Kondyli), located after Vivari. Below the huge mountain lies a pebble beach with bars, sunbeds, showers and enough free space to relax. Dive in its clear deep waters and feel a unique sensation overtake you.


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