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Within the city limits of the Municipality of Sicyon, in a close distance from the town center, lies the hill called Panagitsa (Our Lady). It is an artificial hill that resulted from the construction of the port of Ancient Sicyon preserved until the byzantine period. The early Christian basilica at Kato Sicyon is located on this hill, next to the actual parkland of the church of Our Lady (Panagia) at Kiato. The 5th century three-aisled basilica was destroyed by fire and never got repaired. It was used as a burial place.

The two Doric columns found at the south side attest that it was constructed with material from an ancient temple. The basilica contained a semicircular apse on the east side, a narthex and an atrium on the west side. There was also a bishop’s throne and a built ambo. Other constructions were attached to the main body of the church, the chapel and the baptistery being the most important. Anastasios Orlandos carried out the initial excavations in 1933, 1954 and 1962. In 1986-1987 the excavations carried out by K. Skarmoutsos brought to light further elements


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