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The area of east Laconia is a permanent wild life shelter integrated in the NATURA network as a special protection area. The area is 357.000 acres of which 30.000 are characterized as an “Important Bird Area” and 8.000 as “Wildlife refuge”. The area is formed by mountains, sea cliffs, gorges and rocky areas dominated by shrubs. The rocky areas of east Laconia are a habitat for rare raptors, such as short-toed snakes, eagles, buzzards, peregrine falcons and common kestrels, nocturnal birds, such as the Eurasian eagle-owl and the brown owl and common rock birds that build their nests in the rocky dimples. It is also a transit area for many passerine migratory birds and birds of prey, such as the golden eagle and the Bonelli’s eagle. The human activity in the area, including agriculture, husbandry and hunting, threaten many of the area’s rare birds.


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