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Built in a beautiful part of Argolida, Ermioni, a magic and attractive land, stands up against the touristic islands of Argosaronicos golf. The pine forested slopes surrounding the town, touch the deep blue water of its golden beaches. The village, with its traditional beautiful houses, is set among a fertile plain. Visit Ermioni to enjoy moments of comfort and relaxation in a picturesque seaside village.

Built amphitheatrically on the hill Prono, in a beautiful corner of the Argosaronic Gulf, Ermioni is one of the most beautiful and attractive areas of the Peloponnese that offer unique holiday moments, giving you the impression that you are on an island since it is surrounded lovingly by water on both sides. It has a picturesque harbor with fish taverns to the north and the cosmopolitan Mandrakia south. The history, tranquility and excitement interlock harmoniously like a colorful handiwork.

Inhabited almost continuously since 3000 BC., Ermioni reveals its splendor and its history in your every step. Here the ancient inhabitants engaged in trade and the famous “purple”, a ruddy indelible dye namesake shell, which colored the robes of Alexander the Great and important Roman generals.

Walking through the narrow alleys of the hill you will see historic buildings such as the stone house of the settlement “Economou” which in 1827 hosted the Third National Assembly, while now houses the Historical and Folklore Museum. Next to it is the wonderful Kapodistrian Elementary School, which is now a cultural center. In the center of town stands the metropolis of the Taksiarxon (17th century) built on top of the temple ruins of “Xthoniou Dimitras.” The top of the adorned island style church of Agia Ermioni will see spread before you a magnificent view. From the one side Hydra and Dokos with the older shipwreck invites you to beautiful escape and flower filled valleys with the finest products drawing your attention.

Next the Krothi hill with the chapel of Agios Gerasimos offers you a breathtaking view of Ermioni either early in the morning with the first rays of light awakening her from her calm sleep or during the night where her lighting is an attraction.

Of outstanding beauty is also the famous Bisti, a prominent pine area at the tip of the peninsula in the outskirts of the city. In the blue waters of the beach you can enjoy a swimming and a unique stroll admiring the white mill, their priceless treasures and exquisite views.

Ermioni is also famous for its many clean beaches. Besides Bisti, the beaches Bourloto, Kouverta, Maderi, Sentoni, Dardiza, Plepi, Petrothalassa and many other small calm bays promise to fulfill every preference. If you prefer a little adventure, then come dive at Capers Island 1.5 nautical mile from Mandrakia. Dip in the clean and clear waters that in 1960 was praised by Kouso and enjoy the secrets of the deep.

Apart from water activities and tours, fish taverns with fresh fish and quaint coffee shops, uplift your trip to Ermioni.


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