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The port town of Sparta is a picturesque seaside town with many neoclassical buildings, narrow steep alleys and stairs and the typical island character. The beautiful port, with its fish taverns, bars serving ouzo and appetizers and the fish market constitutes a touristic attraction for many visitors who want to enjoy the view of the Laconic Gulf.

At the center of Gutheio you can find a touristic pavilion, which apart from information, offers breakfast and rich meals. You should without a doubt visit the neoclassical buildings of the Town Hall and the girl’s secondary school and go all the way up to the small monastery on the top of the hill of Gytheio. The Tzanetakis tower, which nowadays operates as a museum, stands imposing at Kranae Island (Marathonisi) that continues to the peninsula through a narrow strip of land. At the foot of the hill lays the ancient Acropolis and the remains of the roman buildings. The E4 European Path crosses the entire Municipality and offers innumerable opportunities for hiking in the natural landscape and the mountainous villages of Taygetos Mountain.

In the summer the municipal beach of Gytheio attracts many swimmers, while near the shore a loggerhead turtle lays its eggs. The nearby sandy beaches Mavrovouni and Selinitsa are believed to be of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean Sea. Along the coastline from Valtaki to Vathy you can find amazing places, suitable for swimming. Ageranos, the bay of Skoutari, Skoutari, Kalyvia and Paganea are only some of these beaches. The shipwreck “Demetrios” at the sandy Valtaki with its hull washed up on the shore attracts many visitors. Moreover, if you love scuba diving, in the sea of Gytheio you can enjoy your hobby undisturbed, as it is perfectly legal.

From Gytheio the road continues to Areopoli and to Mesa Mani. Almost 11km southeast is situated the Frankish Castle of Passava and 37 km away the famous Diros Caves. The local ferries and the liner offer transportation to Neapoli, Elafonisos, Kythira, Crete and Piraeus. From the middle of July until the end of August the festival of Gytheio called “Marathonisia Festival” enriches the town’s cultural events with theatrical performances, concerts, cinema, athletic games and exhibitions.


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