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Health and Safety

To have healthcare insurance cover, nationals of EU Member States must have a legal Community document issued by their competent insurance organization, based on which all or part of their healthcare costs are covered, or a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This is a card issued free of charge and provides access to healthcare services throughout your visit in any of the 27 EU Member States, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

By producing the EHIC, you are entitled to the same healthcare services as those available to insured Greek nationals.

You can receive medical care at health units or the local surgeries of the Social Security Organization (IKA), the regional surgeries (rural surgeries), local health centers and contracted outpatient clinics in hospitals.Please note that this card is under no circumstances a substitute for travel insurance.

If you are a national of a non-Member State, you should consult with the social security organization in your country before embarking on your travel.

For more information visit: http://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?catId=559

In case of emergency call:

the single European emergency number: 112

the Ambulance Service: 166

the SOS doctors service: 1016

Hospitals and clinics on duty: 1434

Pharmacies: 1434

Poison call center: 2107793777

Police emergency unit: 100


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