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Historic and Folklore Museum of Corinth

The Historic-Folklore Museum of Corinth, Vasos Petropoulos-Pan. Gartaganis, has been operating for the last 20 years and is centrally located within the city. It aims to present and preserve the folkloric wealth of Corinth. During these 20 years, it has developed and organized various events and provides the opportunity for all students to become familiar with the folklore culture, through alternative learning methods. The Museum’s collection refers to the early 19th until mid-20th century and includes male and female apparel from different parts of Greece, handmade folklore art, domestic and agricultural tools and everyday novelties, and gold and silver artwork.

The building, where the Museum is housed, is located at the eastern side of Eleftherios Venizelos Square or “Floisvos” Square, as it is widely known. There also exists the bust of the founder at the yard, established by Ms Alkmini Gartagani-Petropoulou. The exhibition space is divided in three stories and the exhibits are presented according to their geographic origin. On the ground floor the rural life of the Corinthian Prefecture, including rich material which consists of agricultural tools, houses cross-sections, but also small utensils for everyday use, typical of the rural lifestyle of the area, is presented. On the low storey the theme is quite different. Here, the everyday life of the urban community with exhibits of urban furniture, mostly from the 19th century, but also a library filled with bibliography from the 17th, 18th and 19th century is shown. The material was donated to the Museum by the family of the Corinthian writer Asteris Kovatzis.

The first and second storey is dedicated to male and female clothing and the changes to the dressing style throughout the years. Among the exhibits are every day and festive clothes, jewelry and embroidery. The third and last storey hosts the educational programs and periodic exhibitions. During the school year this floor also operates for educational programs for children and adults. These programs aim, through creative and pleasant ways, to bring the public closer to folklore civilization as it has been shaped until today. They also intend to assist in the preservation of this precious cultural inheritance.

Sections of the Exhibition
Agricultural Life: tools and domestic utensils from Corinth
Urban Life: silversmith’s and goldsmith’s works, engravings, rare book editions and lettercards.
Clothing and clothing accessories: Peloponnese, Central Greece, Aegean Islands, Crete
Clothing and clothing accessories: Thessaly, Macedonia, Thrace, Asia Minor, Epirus, Northern Epirus.
1 Ermou Str., Corinth
Tel: 0030 27410 71690, Fax: 0030 27410 71690
Winter: 01. 11.2010 -31.3. 2010 08:30-15:00


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