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The monastery of Saint Patapios is located 14 kilometers from the town of Loutraki, on the road to Perachora. On one of the spurs of mountains Gerania, it stands imposing at an elevation of 700 meters. Access to the monastery that dates back to 1952 is possible through a 150 step stairway. On the way to the entrance of the monastery of saint Patapios, there are a few other monasteries. The chapel of Saint Mary of Egypt is located in the cemetery outside the nunnery. It is an aisle less arched chapel with a built iconostasis and plaster decorations.

On the left side of the precinct are the monks’ cells and the ancillary areas. The precinct offers a magnificent view of the Corinthian gulf and the city of Loutraki. Under the precinct are the guestrooms and in the front the church of the Dormitorion of Our Lady. It consists of the katholikon of the monastery. It is a tile covered domed basilica with single-light and triple-light windows. Entrance to the church is possible through the west door. The church contains full length hagiographies. The reticulated wooden carved altarscreen is higher than the main church.

Saint Patapios hermit cell: To the northwest of the church of the Dormitories of Our Lady stands an enormous rock on the base of where lies the hermit cell of Saint Patapios. The entrance to the cave-chapel is possible through the unique south door. Its floor is paved with old ceramic flags and presents a stricture towards the altarscreen. The body of Saint Patapios found in 1904 by V. Protopappas is located at the back of the skete. The altarscreen is built with stones and it has two gates, marble pilasters at the sanctuary door and a lintel with schematic representations of an early byzantine basilica. The mural paintings date back to the 13th century.


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