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Iria is a small picturesque fishing village. The road to the village passes through an aromatic evergreen plain of planted artichokes and ends at an organized clear beach. Next to Iria, the beach of Kantia offers a large variety of water sports. Take the time to visit Stavropodi and its ancient Fryctoria towers, and a little bit further, the ancient shipwreck.

Within walking distance from Nafplion, in the southern part of Argolis is the aroma filled village of Iria. The combination of the green valley with the artichokes and the endless blue crystal clear beach will intensify your desire to enjoy this magical resort.

This charming village has one of the largest and cleanest beaches in the county. The blue flag, indicating a safe swimming area, waves proudly over the small pebbles, and magnetize you to dive into its cool waters.

If you are not a swimming lover, than the bars, cafes, and restaurants on the beach by the sea will reward you in the best way.

At a close distance from Irion, is the picturesque village of Kantias, which offers historical knowledge but also relaxation on the beach. Here your knowledge of the greatness of the Mycenaean monocracy is completed with a hike up the hill of Agia Eleousa, where the citadel of the area is located. Wear sneakers ascend the difficult uphill climb.

If you prefer only the marine element, then lie at the village’s unbeatable beach and play in its crystal water. Water sports, the famous bar and quiet areas of the coast will seduce you. Leaving the area, the “Tower of Aga” waves you goodbye.

Within walking distance from Iria in Stavropodi you will find the “ancient beacons” lost through the centuries in lush vegetation, while at a short distance, the “ancient shipwreck” an ancient ship that fell in shallow water remains awaiting to tell you its troubled history.

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