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If you want to climb with a view of the deep blue, then the Kavo Malia Climbing Park (also known as Zombolo) will give you an unforgettable experience. It’s full of vertical rocks that tower over the area, which make a great impression in all senses. On top of that, the interchanging scenery that embraces the crystal blue waters, the little sandy beaches, and the exquisite calmness gives you all the “support” you need, in order to focus on your mission.

Field of Action:
The rocks of Kavo Malia are of top limestone quality and their morphology is ideal for all climbing grades. The terrain consists of stalagmites, vertical plates, rock roofs, caves, and anything else you could possibly imagine. It offers innumerous possibilities for new routes to be opened, both for endurance and for traditional climbing. There are various routes on 3 different fields. The first field is situated at the foothills of Mount Zombolo (approximately 7 kilometers away from the village of Agios Nikolas) and it includes 70 routes. Its southern exposure makes it ideal for the winter, as well as for the early mornings or late evenings of the summer. The second one, the northeastern field, is just 300 meters away from the first field and it contains 3 routes. The third one, the new entry, is located 2 kilometers northeast of the other two fields and it has 30 routes to offer.

The park is located close to the area of Vlachioti and before reaching it you have to pass Sparta, Krokees, and Skala (be careful at the intersections after Sparta)

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