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Kiato is the capital of the Municipality of Sikyon and it is located about 22km from Corinth. It is the second commercial port of the Corinthian Prefecture and one of the most important in Peloponesse. It is a beautiful seaside town surrounded by fertile cultivated land, with mostly vineyards, apricot, orange, lemon and other fruit trees. The town experienced growth with the commerce and the exportations of the famous Corinthian Raisins up until the Second World War.

At the little picturesque taverns in Kiato visitors can enjoy delicious appetizers and the seaside bars that offer exciting and unique night life. The town’s pedestrian walkway is vivid and colorful. It has a lot of shops, various coffee shops and it is always full of life. During the summer, the town is transformed to a seaside resort that is very popular and full of people.


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