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Near Myloi, built amphitheatrically on the mountain, with the sea wetting your feet, lies the picturesque and tranquil Kiveri, a village paradise for those who prefer more relaxing and carefree moments for their summer escape. Kiveri is one of the most famous tourist locations of the county, closely connected to the sea element which harmoniously ties together the meadow with the mountain. Having Nafplio across from it, it looks it in the eye and invites anyone who wants to come and enjoy its beauty.

The crystal clear beaches with beautiful white pebbles charm thousands of people who come to play and discover hidden treasures.

The first, also known as the largest beach, is revealed in front of you as you descend the long slope. The second one, smaller in area and located to the right of the first one near the lighthouse, attracts more tourists due to its deeper and cooler waters.

Take a walk at the port next to the local fishermen who are expert net-makers and enjoy the magnificent view that appears before you. The two houses of yesteryear, the magnificent hanging bridge and the perched on the cliffs coast of Agios Georgios, flawless complement this “painted” landscape. Sit in one of the many cafes or famous taverns that are located next to the sea and enjoy your coffee or the wonderful cuisine of the area.


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