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Lagkada is a picturesque village in Messinian Mani, on the way from Kardamyli to Oitylo, that has been declared listed, having managed to preserve its morphological and architectural style intact. It’s built amphitheatrically on the slopes of a hill, offering a magnificent view to the Messinian Gulf, and is located between two valleys –of Emploutos and Vathy Lagkadi.

Lagkada is situated next to another traditional settlement -that of Thalames- and it appears to have been established during the reign of Marcus Aurelius, when the Romans conquered the neighboring Thalames, which was an important passage from Sparta to the Messinian shores. The Romans had their stables there, as well as their bodyguards, and this is why the area was also named Somatiana (Soma=body).

The settlement of Lagkada consists of stone tower houses, residences with tiled roofs and several Byzantine churches. Among the impressive towers of the area, two stand out. The four-storey tower of Oikonomeas, which dates back to 1757, and the five-storey tower of the Capuchins family, which dates back to the 19th century. Agia Triada is a lovely church of the 11th-12th century AD, while the Monastery of the Transfiguration of Christ the Savior impresses with its amazing frescoes and its century-long history. Nikon the Preacher of Repentance, a monk and missionary, who spread Christianity in Mani, died in Lagkada.


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